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KOTD: Ready for work!


    Some of you asked me why I haven't been posting lately. 
    Well, I have two reasons: after Christmas I went on a trip to Budapest (I will post some pictures in another post). The second reason is that I started work. 
    Yes, last week was my first week at my new job (and also the first week of work of my life).
    Unfortunately, I had to cut all my nails (I work in a hospital so I can't have long nails), so, from now on, you will see NOTDs and designs on extremely short nails.

    Here is my manicure from last week:

    I used p2 - charming as a base and Essence nail art stampy polish (white for the tips and black for the design). [I bought them from Budapest along with some other nail polishes - I will show you more in another post]
    Image plates: M19, Essence image plate.

    What manicure do you think it's suited for work? What colors do you use?