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My Recent Winnings! :)

    Hello girls!
    How are you?

    I would like to show you what I have won recently. I started my year with a lucky note!

    First, I won the entire Models Own - Beetle Juice Collection (I will start showing them one by one soon) from Anna from Pretty Digits! (Thanks a lot, Anna!!)

    Then, from Martje from Girly Addictions, I received all this products I can't wait to try!! (Thanks Martje!)

    From Anda from Endre's Reviews I received a Lush Bath Bomb, which smells divine!! (I'm sorry you can't feel the smell through my picture!) (Thanks Anda!!)

    And last, but not least, I have received some new goods from Bornprettystore to review (stay tuned for them, this will be my next post!)

    I can't wait to try this Mood Color Changing Nail Polish!

    Did you win something this year?
    You can try your luck by entering the giveaways from my "Giveaways" page!