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Upcoming collections from China Glaze!

    Hello everybody!

    How are you?

    After seeing this pictures I decided I have to start saving money for the upcoming collections from China Glaze! :)

    Release date: January 2012

    Brights Collection:

                 Aquadelic  Gaga for Green   Make Some Noise

    Sunshine Pop      Techno      Wicked Style

    Lights Collection:

            Dance Baby    Electric Beat   Fuchsia Fanatic  

     Kinetic Candy   Gothic Lolita   Sweet Hook

    For Romanian readers: you can order it here: BeautyInTheBottle
    For more details see their Facebook page!

    Next collection is:

    Release date: Spring 2012

     Full Spectrum         Prism       Liquid Crystal

        Polarized   Optical Illusion    Ray-diant      


    Another collection:

    Release date: March 1st.

    Next one is:

    Release date: Mid - February / March 2012

    Instant Chemistry
    Pull Me Close
    Cling On
    Drawn To You
    You Move Me

    Another collection is:

    Release date: March 2012

                 Jade-d      Luminous Lavender

    Glam-More    Gleam Me up

    Next one:

    Release date: 2012

         Pink Plumeria  Love's a Beach   Hang-Ten Toes

                Beach Cruiser       Orange you hot?    I'm with the lifeguard 

    Flirty Tankini    Ride the waves    Splish Splash

    Sun Kissed     Under the Boardwalk   Surfin' for boys

    And finally:

    Release date: 2012

         Call of the wild  Desert Sun   Adventure Red-y 

         Elephant Walk     I herd that    Exotic Encounter 

     Kalahari Kiss    I'm not lion   Jungle Queen

     Purr-fect Plum     Manhunt     Prey Tell         

    My favorite is "On Safari". 
    I love every single colour from that collection!

    Which one is your favorite?